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The 'Beast from the East' has brought heavy snowfall overnight. We're monitoring the latest weather and Storm Emma travel updates.

Ryanair has now cancelled all flights to/from Dublin Airport for the remainder of Tuesday, February 28. Customers will be notified by SMS/email.


Aer Lingus is looking at "very significant cancellations across our short-haul operations," a spokesperson told Travel at 12.10pm.

It is however "aiming to operate a full transatlantic schedule today".

Dublin Airport was forced to suspend runway and taxiway operations after "blizzard conditions" and heavy snow overnight, but flight operations resumed at around 07.35am. Over 200 flights have been cancelled and there are knock-on delays.

Cork Airport has suspended operations to 12 noon to allow for clearing of snow from runways and taxiways. Several flights are cancelled.

The over-riding advice is to check regularly with your airline or travel agent, monitor weather reports, and allow extra time for travel to the airport.


Over 200 flights have been cancelled and many more delayed at Dublin Airport this morning. Passengers are advised to check airline websites before travel.

Ryanair: Ryanair has cancelled all flights to/from Dublin Airport for the remainder of the day, Tuesday, February 28. Customers will be notified by SMS/email.

Check the status of your flight on its website here.


Aer Lingus: The airline has cancelled multiple flights out of Dublin and Cork. Passengers are being notified by SMS and can avail of refunds and rebookings (see below).

"Guests who have bookings on Aer Lingus flights from Wednesday 28th February to Friday 2nd March and who wish to postpone their travel to a later date, within 7 days of their original travel date, may also rebook free-of-charge using our online facilities."

Check here for flight updates before travelling to the airport.

CityJet passengers "due to travel between today and Sunday evening who may wish to change their travel plans for another day can do so free of charge."


Dublin Airport: 200+ flights have been cancelled as of 12 noon.

The airport's departures road and runway operations were closed during the night due to heavy snowfall, and again for a brief period following another dump of snow around 10.45am this morning, but have since resumed.

You can check in with the airport's twitter feed here. Live departures info is here, and arrivals here. The airport also has a snow and ice FAQ here.

There is no parking charge for extra hours due to delays, or cancellations. Contact 01 944-0440 or for info.

Shannon Airport: Schedules "are set to run as normal", but it advises passengers to check with airlines and monitor its Twitter here and website here. The airport received seven diversions from Dublin this morning.

Cork Airport has closed until 12pm for snow clearing. Some Aer Lingus flights from the airport have now been cancelled.

"Maintenance teams have been working over the past 24 hours to treat the runway, apron & approach roads. There are slot delays at other Airports which will delay some flights." Follow the latest alerts on Twitter here.


Several Irish Ferries services have now been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. They include:

  • Weds: 08.45, Dub-Holyhead
  • Weds: 11.50, Holyhead-Dub
  • Weds: 14.30, Dub-Holyhead
  • Weds: 17.15, Holyhead-Dub
  • Weds: 21.30, Rosslare-Cherbourg
  • Thurs: 08.45, Dub-Holyhead
  • Thurs: 11.50, Holyhead-Dub
  • Thurs: 14.30, Dub-Holyhead
  • Thurs: 17.15, Holyhead-Dub
  • Thurs: 21.30, Cherbourg-Rosslare

Thursday's Inishmore sailing from Rosslare to Pembroke (08.45 departure) is listed as 'in doubt', as are Friday's Swift sailings.

Irish Ferries: "Irish Ferries is advising customers intending to travel by ferry during the forthcoming week to be mindful of weather forecasts, to allow ample time to travel safely to their port of departure, make note of all important telephone numbers they might require and to monitor ferry company websites for latest information about sailing times."

See the company's sailing updates here.

Stena Line: Wednesday's 08.00 sailing from Rosslare to Fishguard has been cancelled. Follow updates on its website hereor Twitter here.

What if my flight is cancelled?

Flight cancellation rights are covered under EC Regulation 261/2004.

If your flight is cancelled for any reason, and regardless of when you are notified, your airline must offer you the choice between:

1) Re-routing as soon as possible, subject to availability, free of charge.

2) Re-routing at a later date.

3) A full refund.

Am I entitled to care and assistance?

If your flight is cancelled and you choose to be re-routed as soon as possible, then you are entitled to meals and refreshments, hotel accommodation and transfers between the airport and hotel as required. If the airline does not provide these, and you end up paying yourself, keep the receipts - you are entitled to a reimbursement of reasonable expenses.

NB. A five-star hotel may not be a reasonable expense!

Bear in mind that if your flight is cancelled and you choose a full refund, then the airline's obligations to you end there and then.

Am I entitled to compensation?

Financial compensation depends on the flight length and the reason for the cancellation. It ranges from €250 (short-haul, less than 1,500km) to €600 (long-haul, over 3,500km).

For more on your passenger rights, read here or visit

How can my travel insurance help?

In the event of a flight cancellation, the first source of refunds and re-routing should be with your airline (see above).

Standard travel insurance policies don't offer much help here, but 'missed departure' cover can help you secure a new flight, or an additional night's accomodation.

If your policy includes extra "travel disruption" cover, you should be covered for additional transport or accommodation costs up to €1,000pp, according to Ciaran Mulligan, Managing Director of Blue Insurance and

This covers "99pc" of scenarios with flight cancellations due to weather, strikes and so on, Mulligan says, but note that it covers transport and accommodation-related expenses only - i.e. not lost annual leave, business opportunities or deposits, concert tickets or museum or attraction fees booked in advance online.

Is it too late to take out travel insurance?

Travel Disruption cover can be added retrospectively to a policy, but not to claim on an event that has already happened. Storm Emma has already been forecast, so travel insurance taken out now won't cover travel disruption it causes.

"There's a seven day moratorium on travel disruption from time you take out the policy to time you will be covered," Mulligan warns.

However, 'missed departure' cover should still apply - even if you take out the cover today in full knowledge that Storm Emma is on the way.

I’m nervous about travel. Can I get a refund?

No. If you cancel your holiday without the DFA ( declaring travel to be unsafe, it could be deemed "disinclination to travel".

As such, you may have to pay a cancellation fee or forfeit some or all of the cost of your air fare or holiday package.

That said, it's worth noting that Irish tour operators have in the past worked to facilitate customers affected by exceptional events, so it's always worth a phone call.


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June D-Day for launch of fast Europe-wide wifi on flights

This summer should see moves in the progress of in-flight connectivity with the latest push to connect passengers over Europe.

Germany's Deutsche Telekom and communications firm Inmarsat are behind the European Aviation Network (EAN), which they say will now launch by the end of June.

The project, to provide reliable onboard wifi on intra-European flights, has 300 base stations now in place across the Continent, working alongside satellite technology.

The network's companies say it will be a massive step-up (think 4G) from satellite-only wifi, which is patchy at best and so, so slow.

The launch customer is IAG, owner of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling.

The downside is that the rollout won't be instantaneous, with no word yet on which flights will offer the service at first.

Short-haul connectivity has been slow to get off the ground, with Ryanair in particular shooting down any calls to introduce it.

Chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs told this column only last year that it was a non-runner for the moment because most of its flights are short, and because the technology puts more drag on the plane, raising fuel costs.

British Airways, meanwhile, is finally getting on board with wifi technology on long-haul routes. One caveat though - a mere total of three aircraft out of 118 will have the service initially, but if you're really lucky to get it, the first hour online will be free for a limited time, courtesy of a deal with Visa.

BA itself said in a statement that "by 2019 we expect to have 90pc of our aircraft connected. While we begin to roll out wifi, customers will only be notified once on board a connected flight". So it's pot luck then.

After your complimentary hour is up, the basic browsing package - appropriately called Browse - starts at £4.99 (€5.64) while the more powerful Stream, for Netflix and video-streaming, starts at £7.99 (€9).

Browse will have a minimum speed of 250Kbps, the airline said, while Stream offers "no less than approximately 1Mbps", so it should be okay for watching YouTube and so on.

More and more airlines are starting to offer wifi on their planes to meet passenger demand to be connected during flights as well as seek new revenue opportunities.

According to latest stats from Routehappy, which provides a database of information on flight amenities, 82 airlines worldwide now offer in-flight wifi, up 17pc, which is considerable, on last year. But only eight airlines offer free in-flight wifi. These are Emirates, JetBlue, Norwegian, Turkish Airlines, Air China, Philippine Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines and Nok Air.

Still, the trend will be towards getting you connected in the clouds - with airlines monetising the service through a combination of price structures - the eventual elimination of expensive on-board screens and selling you products and services through your portal.

Regular travellers might be alarmed - or if they haven't read the report, they will be now - about a study showing just how many germs they could encounter at airports, or on board aircraft.

The big germ-carrier? Those self check-in kiosks that are now commonplace at most major airports.

The new study by America's revealed that those check-in screens contain an average of 253,857 colony-forming units (CFUs), ie bugs, with one recording a nasty-sounding one million-plus.

The study was conducted in three US airports, but doesn't identify them, but does name-check Atlanta's sprawling Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, which is America's busiest hub. A place a bit like death, we're all going to end up there eventually.

Other potentially sickening places are airport bench and seat armrests and water fountains, with around 20,000 CFUs each.

And your humble toilet seat at home? A mere 172 CFUs on average. It's no better on board, with loo flush buttons boasting an average of 95,145 CFUs, tray tables at 11,595 and seat belt buckles at 1,116.

Still, while no one wants to be surrounded by the kind of bugs that could produce pus-charging infections, it's worth noting that you're no better off in daily life. Your mobile phone? Around 1.6m CFUs, just ahead of your mouse. Worse still, your computer keyboard, typically with 3.5m CFUs. Lovely.




How wifi works on planes

How does airplane wifi work







Ryanair - cabbin baggage





Good news for all Ryaniar Christmas travellers. Ryanair have agreed to recognise the pilots union to stop the strike going ahead on the 20th Dec and over the Christmas holidays.

Ryanair has made a dramatic U-turn and agreed to recognise pilots' unions for the first time in its history, after it was threatened with a potentially-crippling strike just days before Christmas.

One day of industrial action had been planned for Wednesday December 20 and would have mostly involved captains.

Mr O'Leary said the pilots should call off the threat.

"Christmas flights are very important to our customers and we wish to remove any worry or concern that they may be disrupted by pilot industrial action next week," he said.

"If the best way to achieve this is to talk to our pilots through a recognised union process, then we are prepared to do so, and we have written today to these unions inviting them to talks to recognise them and calling on them to cancel the threatened industrial action planned for Christmas week."

"Putting the needs of our customers first, and avoiding disruption to their Christmas flights, is the reason why we will now deal with our pilots through recognised national union structures and we hope and expect that these structures can and will be agreed with our pilots early in the New Year."

The threat of industrial action in Ireland was issued through Impact, to which the Irish Airline Pilots' Association (Ialpa) is affiliated.

Impact had warned Mr O'Leary that the threatened industrial action would either ground flights or generate substantial losses for the company.

It had been expected that the number of Ryanair employees involved in next Wednesday's planned strike would be fewer than the total number of Irish-based Ryanair pilots.

But because it primarily involved captains it had the potential to cause severe disruption as planes cannot legally or safely fly without the senior pilot.


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Why Does The World Need Ryanair




Fifth Beatle to star in a play in Liverpool about John Lennon


Former Beatles drummer Pete Best is to take to the stage for the first time, playing himself in a new play about the late John Lennon in the birthplace of the Beatles - Liverpool

Lennon’s Banjo opens at Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre in April. Best was referred to as the Fifth member of the Beatles and he is due to appear on stage on both  April 25 and May 5. 

Best was a member of the Fab Four in their early days playing clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg. He was replaced by Ringo Starr in 1962.

To check out prices for citybreaks to Liverpool and to visit the Cavern Club where the Beatles played almost 300 times click here


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Iceland - The Northern Lights Tour


Joe Tully is just back from a 3 day trip to Iceland and here is a fact file and highlights of his trip.

  • WOW fly daily from Dublin with fares from €49.99 each way
  • Icelandair will commence services from Dublin May 2018 and they allow stopovers en-route to USA, which is something to consider for the future
  • Easyjet and Icelandair fly from Belfast
  • Time zone same as Ireland
  • Flight time 2Hrs – 2.30 Hrs
  • Transfer time from airport to Reykjavik 45 minutes
  • Central Reykjavik is now a coach free zone, so you will be dropped off at a bus stop and will have to walk to your accommodation
  • Iceland is expensive so buying duty free alcohol on arrival is worth a thought.  There is a duty free shop at the airport on arrival
  • Currency is Iclandic Kroner but they accept Euro cash, credit and debit cards


Click here for more information on visiting Reykjavik



A must visit and visit it when you arrive, it is close to the airport and will save you further transfer costs.  You also must book it in advance and packages start from €100


Premium Package

Towel, 2 Masks, 1 Free Drink

Comfort Package

Towel, Robe, Slippers, 2 Masks

Dinner Reservation in restaurant (This does not include the meal, it is a reservation only)



We stayed in apartments called The Swan House which are right in the centre of Reykjavik.  Walk to the bus stop is only 2-3 minutes and about 10 mins walk from the harbour.  Apartments are nicely furnished and will accommodation 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids.  Prices start from €250 per apartment per night.  Breakfast is included and is delivered to your apartment.  It comprises of tea, coffee, water, fresh orange juice, bagels rolls, selection of cold meats and cheeses, muesli and yoghurt and some pastries.


Biggest surprise of the trip, the cuisine is outstanding


Most people who travel to Iceland want to see the Northern Lights and it is weather dependent.  Best time of the year for this is Sep – Mar.  There are three ways to see the Northern Lights, by Super Jeep, Coach or Cruise.  We did the super-jeep the night we arrived but didn’t get to see the lights.  It is best for everyone to book to try and see the lights the night they arrive, so they have other chances if they do not appear.  The jeeps are a great experience and great fun.  We did the cruise from Reykjavik harbour and saw a spectacular display of the Northern Lights on our last night.


This tour includes the Pingvellir National Park, Geysir, the erupting Strokker Geysir, Gullfoss Waterfall and a trip to the Glacier where you can experience driving a snow mobile in the wilderness.  It is a full day trip and takes 8 – 10 hours, cost is €250 or €50 excluding the glacier visit and snow mobile ride.


This tour includes visits to the Seljalandsfoss and Skogar waterfalls, the base of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, and the basalt columns and lava beach at Reynisfjara.  Cost is €50

PLEASE NOTE A LOT OF EXCURSION ARE WEATHER DEPENDENT AND THEY MAY BE RE-ARRANGED OR CANCELLED.  Our whale watching trip (Cost €100) was cancelled due to bad weather and our northern lights cruise was changed by a day because there was a better possibility of seeing the lights the following day.  You need to make your customers aware of this, and they may also not see the Northern Lights

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Disneyland Paris - Summer 2018

Up to 2 nights free & kids under 7 are free


🏰Aishling from our office recently visited Disneyland Paris as part of a fam trip.

Some lucky Travel agents from all over the world got to experience this amazing trip 🎢🎠

Aishling describes Disneyland Paris to be the most magical,fun,outstanding,memorable trip she has EVER been to!!❤️

If you are thinking of travelling to Disneyland Paris? Call into our office here at Tullys Travel, Newbridge we would be happy to help arrange a full package price which includes:
✈️Return Flights
🏢 Disney Hotel of your choice
🚍Return Transfers
🎢Park Tickets
💶ONLY €50 Deposit Per Person






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Disneyland Paris - Christmas Parade 2017

Disneyland Paris - Illuminations



Black Friday Cruise Deals