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Amsterdam City Breaks

Amsterdam is an intruiging city, there are however, many different visions of this wonderful city. Being much smaller in size and population than Dublin, and with minimal traffic in the city centre, you could be forgiven for forgetting that you were in a city with such a large global reputation.

What makes it unique is the attitude with which Amsterdammers go about their daily business: relaxed.Just an hour and a half away, this mecca of entertainment and culture is within easy access.

Built on 90 islands, the intricate network of canals adds a beautiful trait to the city. It is surprisingly easy to get around and also surprisingly small – to get from Dam Square to the Leidesplein should take less than a fifteen minute walk.Famous for its museums and art galleries, there is also an unrivalled range of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and nightlife, not to mention shopping.

And while you should have no problem chilling out in this global village, be wary of going with the flow too much, as you might find yourself endlessly looping round and around Amsterdam’s magnetic centre, the Red Light District.

Amsterdam Must Sees: Landmark: Anne Franks House  Culture: Rijksmuseum  Shopping: The Albert Cuypmarkt.     

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