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Barcelona City Breaks

According to every poll worth its clipboard, Barcelona is the European city best loved by visitors. Spend just over two hours in the air and you’ll arrive into a city that is made up of a seductive cocktail of architecture, imagination, tradition, style and nightlife along with a cool and confident swagger.

Barcelona’s love of eccentricity had already brought about a wealth of quirky museums (such as those devoted to shoes, perfume, sewers, funeral carriages and mechanical toys), to which more were added.

Its handsome but grimy façades were buffed up, its streets renamed and its churches restored; its nightlife has been rejuvinated, restaurants and bars have been revived and everything about the city seems to buzz.

Barcelona – chic, sophisticated and possibly Europe’s coolest city!

Barcelona Must Sees: Landmark: Las Ramblas  Culture: Sagrada Familia  Shopping: La Bouqeria.